Includes video production skills such as short films, video marketing, independent filmmaking, and visual effects.


Includes skills such as graphic design for web and print media, commercial design, UI/UX design, brand kits, packaging design, motion graphics, and logo design.


Includes a range of photography skills such as event, product, street, portrait, wildlife, and fine art photography.


Includes skills such as marketing strategist, data analysis, SEO, advertising campaigns, brand management, voice search optimization, chatbot development, and market research.

3D Modeling

Includes 3D modeling skills such as Blender, photogrammetry, and rapid prototyping.


Includes skills such as social media management, agile project management, branding, data-driven decision-making, strategic planning, diversity and inclusion, leadership, conflict resolution, communication, change management, and performance management.


Includes technical skills such as programming, software development, computer science, network administration, cloud computing, and machine learning.