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A.I. Personality

"Kahlil's Mod" 


Project Execution:
  • Diligently edited Source Engine scripts to introduce new gameplay elements and modify existing ones, ensuring compatibility and balance.
  • Skilfully modified game models using native tools and techniques to create new characters, weapons, and environments, adding visual variety and depth to the gaming world.
  • Incorporated custom assets into the game's framework using Source Engine's built-in features, ensuring seamless integration and avoiding any compatibility issues.
Technical Expertise:
  • Proficient in Source Engine scripting, utilizing native tools and techniques to modify game behavior.
  • Ability to manipulate game files, including models, textures, and sound effects, to create custom assets and enhance the game's visual and auditory experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of Source Engine concepts and architecture, enabling seamless integration of custom content and gameplay mechanics.
Creative Vision:
  • Developed an original and humorous concept for a game modification that would appeal to a wide range of players.
  • Designed engaging gameplay mechanics that blended seamlessly with the existing game's mechanics, maintaining the core gameplay experience while introducing new elements.
  • Crafted custom assets, including models, textures, and sound effects, to create a visually and audibly immersive experience that complemented the mod's unique concept.
Impact and Recognition:
  • Successfully launched the mod, making a few sales at my High School during the Release Week
  • Contributed to the ongoing popularity of Half-Life 2 by introducing fresh and exciting content, enriching the game's replayability and appeal.

"Bootleg 2008"

Project Execution:
  • Diligently wrote and implemented Lua scripts to introduce new multiplayer features, game modes, and gameplay tweaks.
  • Skilfully utilized CLEO to modify game elements, create custom weapons and vehicles, and design interactive environments for multiplayer sessions.
  • Incorporated custom scripts and assets into San Andreas and SA:MP's frameworks, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with the existing game mechanics.
  • Rigorously tested the mods throughout the development process to identify and resolve any bugs or glitches, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable multiplayer experience.
Impact and Recognition:
  • Demonstrated exceptional modding skills and creativity, earning recognition as a respected figure within the San Andreas and SA:MP modding communities.
Technical Expertise:
  • Proficient in Lua scripting, a language commonly used for modding in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and its multiplayer counterpart, SA:MP.
  • Adept at utilizing CLEO, a powerful modding tool for San Andreas, to manipulate gameplay elements and introduce custom content.
  • Possess a deep understanding of San Andreas's game engine and its scripting capabilities, enabling seamless integration of mods and enhancements.
Creative Vision:
  • Conceptualized and developed innovative and engaging multiplayer mods for San Andreas and SA:MP, catering to the desires of the gaming community.
  • Designed custom scripts and assets to enhance the visual and auditory experience of San Andreas's multiplayer world, adding depth and immersion to the gaming environment.



Custom LAN Server

Technical Expertise:
  • Proficient in utilizing tunnels and proxies to bypass school network firewalls, enabling unrestricted access to online resources and seamless LAN gaming.
  • Adept at identifying and analyzing network restrictions, devising creative solutions to circumvent security measures without compromising personal data or network integrity.
  • Possess a deep understanding of networking protocols and firewall configurations, enabling the implementation of effective tunneling and proxy techniques.

Problem Solving:
  • Demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills in devising creative workarounds to overcome school network firewalls, ensuring access to essential online resources and multiplayer gaming opportunities.
  • Effectively analyzed and navigated the complexities of network security, identifying vulnerabilities and implementing solutions that maintained both functionality and privacy.
  • Exhibited adaptability and resourcefulness in overcoming technical challenges, utilizing various tunneling and proxy methods to bypass firewalls and maintain access to desired online services.
  • Successfully implemented tunneling and proxy techniques to evade school network firewalls, providing access to blocked websites and enabling LAN gaming within the restricted school environment.
  • Contributed to the expansion of online accessibility and social interaction among students, fostering a more connected and engaging school community.
  • Demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills and technical expertise, earning recognition among peers for innovative solutions and contributions to the school's network environment.

"Untitled 2009"

Project Execution:
  • Diligently created custom maps using "Cube"'s editing tools, incorporating detailed environments, varied terrain, and strategic layouts.
  • Programmed custom game modes and weapons, utilizing "Cube"'s scripting language to introduce unique gameplay elements and enhance the game's replayability.
  • Configured the game's network settings to enable offline multiplayer matches, allowing local competitions among friends.
  • Rigorously tested the game on various computer configurations to ensure compatibility and optimize performance for widespread deployment.
Problem Solving:
  • Identified vulnerabilities in the school network's firewall configuration, allowing the implementation of tunneling and proxy techniques to bypass restrictions.
  • Developed and distributed scripts or executable files that enabled students to install and play the custom FPS game without triggering firewall alerts.
  • Provided technical support to fellow students, assisting them in overcoming any technical challenges encountered during game installation or troubleshooting firewall issues.
Technical Expertise:
  • Proficient in modding and development for "Cube," an open-sourced FPS game engine created by sabureton, enabling the creation of custom maps, game modes, and gameplay mechanics.
  • Adept at utilizing network protocols and tunneling techniques to bypass school network firewalls, ensuring widespread accessibility to the custom FPS game.
  • Possess a deep understanding of game engine concepts and networking infrastructure, enabling seamless integration of the custom game across various computer configurations.
Impact and Recognition: 
  • Successfully deployed the custom FPS game on most of the computers in the high school, providing a popular and engaging gaming experience for students.
  • Promoted social interaction and camaraderie among students through shared gaming experiences and competitive multiplayer matches.
  • Demonstrated exceptional technical proficiency and problem-solving skills, earning recognition among peers and faculty for innovative solutions and contributions to the school's gaming culture.